danihampton #latergram from yesterday, repost from @hank3. Arizona, I LOVE you! Had the best day with these guys. Sedona is one of my most favorite places to take a little day trip to. So many fun places to explore and eat! 2y
  •   danihampton @azlisa oh YAY! I hope you have the best time! 2y
  •   joannealma You make Arizona look amazing! You should do a day-trip guide on your blog! I would love to explore Az but its all still so foreign for the hubby and I. 2y
  •   yellowfinchdesigns I love Sedona! Jon used to live in Scottsdale. 2y
  •   paigemaarie Just came from Arizona... Flagstaff & Sedona were amazing! 2y
  •   moonbaby19 I hate living in Scottsdale but love Sedona, Jerome, Prescott and Flagstaff!!! I need to move already. I can't wait to show this munchkin all over the world! Starting close to home This picture is gorgeous 2y
  •   azlisa @danihampton thank you ! 2y
  •   andynrogers Wow so pretty 2y

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