michaelbjordan LOVE THIS WOMAN #HappyMothersDay 1y
  •   mizreesecup @beammeupjess hey mama in law lmao 2mon
  •   beammeupjess Back off @mizreesecup haha 2mon
  •   honeydipval so beautiful 2mon
  •   dles_ 2mon
  •   kristincala @michaelbjordan your my fav 2mon
  •   mscarterhbic Raised the perfect man 4w
  •   mscreativity82 @michaelbjordan I'm a huge fan of yours. I've been following your career since i first saw you act in Hardball. I admire your humility, and your dedication to each roll you receive. You leave me believing you are the character in which you play. I wish got continued success. I would love to meet you one day but since I'm sure that would never happen continue to be modest and God will continue to bless your efforts. 3w
  •   kaylabbb Que lindo!!! Muuuuaaaahhhh 10h

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