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easymoneysniper Shout out to @givenchydonc for the Snakeskin blend and Seattle I still got lots of love for ya 1y
  •   dylan_robinson18 Come back supersonics 4mon
  •   tayprettyboybattle Cuzo chilling. KD 4mon
  •   connor5716 KD you're my idol dude honestly, you make me try in thing. Reasons why are because you're not a show off. Also you're an amazing player that works extremely hard. Finally, you're a self made man, all if this stuff didn't just come to you, you worked so hard to get where you're at right now. When you reach your prime you're going to be right up there with Jordan. And you're so close already, just keep working you're one of the best ball players to ever live. Now I know I won't get a response, but if you even read this that would be a miracle! @easymoneysniper 4mon
  •   connor5716 @eas 4mon
  •   chrisvancour17 My home town 3mon

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