ibnjasper "How can I be humbler / When I'm the cause of Tumblr" #YEEZiSeason Ye killin the MetBall with The Temple of DENDUR from Nubia in the background #KnowledgeOfSelf 2y
  •   ibnjasper @designxjb You're in luck tho. Vogue releasing footage tomorrow. 2y
  •   jeremy__benson @ibnjasper ... Last thing: just dropped a wild piece for "I Am A God." Check my IG... I really think your team would like it. 2y
  •   nickkdillon_ @ibnjasper thought Vogue denied it? 2y
  •   ibnjasper @designxjb We don't look @ or listen to things that people offer us on the street or social networks per our legal team's advice..... 2y
  •   jeremy__benson @ibnjasper I can respect that, however I do think its worth your while.... Hopefully it'll reach your eyes in another way though. Thanks. 2y
  •   x.mooza @ibnjasper A Vogue rep denied that they would be releasing a video of the performance tomorrow...was he misinformed? 2y
  •   ibnjasper @dopexlife Oh well, better for me then... 2y
  •   nickkdillon_ @ibnjasper please tell me June 18th isn't just D'Banj's compilation too 2y

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