bj_unoxx This dude is the herpes of music. Once you think it's gone, it comes back. #herpes #flareup #pleasegoaway 1y
  •   melissa_gd_xx I think you is described that perfectly 2w
  •   spacetofu @whydoyoucare69 music has to have meaning? Please explain to me how Beethoven's symphony No. 9 is not music 2w
  •   samantha_saad Lol 1w
  •   marta_bockane BILLIE IS KING! 1w
  •   serenityautumn Dude the picture is moving at me 1w
  •   john_fir @spacetofu his symphony does have meaning... For fucks sake it's one of the most emotion invoking pieces ever written. 6d
  •   spacetofu @john_fir i agree I should have used a different example such as edm. The main point I was arguing with this other guy was music does not need a discernable meaning through lyrics and what not since he meant "meaning" in that context. Classical music and art have individualistic meaning, in other words, meaning that is not clearly defined but left to an individuals interpretation. The guy I was arguing with implied that you have to be able to understand the meaning for it to be music. I absolutely agree that Symphony No. 9 has great meaning, although different to everyone who listens to it. 6d
  •   green_idiot_heyo Геморой в музыке.... 9h

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