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  •   jestem_groszek @keshanails Kid, i don't have to love her to visit her profile - its public. And people in that devil industry has nothing to do with love. I propose you better education and then maybe youll get it. 11mon
  •   keshanails @jestem_groszek omggg ur such a fucking idiot and you dont even know kesha she saves people's lives and fights for lgbt rights and she survived mental and sexual abuse ur the one who should be educated my dear 11mon
  •   jestem_groszek @keshanails do you write to every person who has different feels about her than you? you must have too much free time kid and maybe you should oper your mind and have some knowlege. Poor you 11mon
  •   keshanails @jestem_groszek first im not a kid, sec ur a fucking moron, third i do write to the haterz bc they dont know who they're talkin abt so stfu 11mon
  •   jestem_groszek @keshanails ok, die as an idiot, your choice. Good luck! 11mon
  •   keshaddict @jestem_groszek Are you serious you moronic god warrior rat minded pathetic snail? Go back to humping that bible you brainwashed imbecilic sheep and stop forcing your religious propaganda on the world and others with your hating nonsense. Fuck outta here! 10mon
  •   nuclearmarina @jestem_groszek omg how dare are you to say to someone to die jesus christ 4mon

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