seanloweksu Lakers game with my girl @catherinegiudici 2y
  •   josie2help GAYA couple! 2y
  •   _briannaalee_ You guys are perfect. Love you both! 2y
  •   nicholecessnun19 You are so hot!!! She is one lucky girl!! You guys are perfect together(: @seanloweksu 2y
  •   josie2help Lucky Sean, she's gorgeous! 2y
  •   grunge__kitten Aww...... but I'm all about them SPURS!!!!!!!! 2y
  •   brie_35 You two are the cutest together! From the minuet she called you a hunk the first night you two met, I knew you two would would be perfect together! I love you two and I know your happy together and I know you will last forever <3 2y
  •   x4ree کل زق 2y
  •   abiclaire14 Us but not at a lakers game @th3real_ryan_merker 7mon

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