geninoa Total nerd next to Robert Pattinson! I cannot believe this. Lol #coachella #coachellafest #cantbelieveit 1y
  •   mariabintoro Ouhh ok!! They were walking together or with friends?? 1y
  •   geninoa @deewho89 :D 1y
  •   geninoa @marmaria90 they were together and with friends! I actually saw them in one of the stages later dancing lol but I didn't see Robert! 1y
  •   mariabintoro Kristen was dancing with friends?? Ouuhh too bad that u can't see rob.. 1y
  •   1tsmedee Oh my god! :O you're sooooo lucky!!! 1y
  •   danaeallan Totally saw you on posted this pic! 1y
  •   geninoa @danaelynnallan lol yeah just saw that xD 1y

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