•   sarah_palladino19 You 1y
  •   laurendeloach1407 Keegan, you are soooooo amazing! I know you won't see this but I need to say it. I am your biggest fan ever!!! You are such an amazing actor and I really hope you continue acting! You are such an amazing person and I love Pretty Little Liars! You make it all the more fun to watch!(: 1y
  •   livieliv246 Spoby 1y
  •   sophie_mager_ SPENCER TOBY TOLD U NOT TO GO IN THERE GOD 12mon
  •   juliia_gomez srsly can I be her 11mon
  •   lilahorne Sadly screaming at the tv doesn't stop you two from going in 10mon
  •   nadakarami Omfg i just love her 9mon
  •   cee_k detective spoby 's scene :) how is she always gorgeous !!!! 2mon

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