beyonce 1y
  •   incandescentgroove There is no god people 2mon
  •   tahiryluvsu First of all there is a god yhur so imature if we wanna believe in god let us yhu dont hav to make smart comments tellin us things against our religon so please in the future keep yhur comments to yhur self or say non at all @bedraider 2mon
  •   incandescentgroove @tahiryluvsu there is no god tahiry. Wake up and smell the coffee. I'm going to make another smart comment. Watch the grammar. It's "your" & "you". You misspelled a lot of words in your comment. That tells me your uneducated and are more lenient towards believing there is a god. You're all alone sweetheart. Live life and enjoy because it's yours not gods. 2mon
  •   incandescentgroove @tahiryluvsu you are more than welcome to believe(fantasize) in a supreme being. I know it comforts you! 2mon
  •   jojonilla_ Sigh... 3w
  •   deemau5 Bible fights going on here 3w
  •   christians_view I love you Beyoncé ! #loveislove! 4d

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