snookinic Proud parents today 1y
  •   roaranaax3 Im so jelly o your body we had our sons the same day well u had your son 2 days after and u have a way better body than i do i havent lost any weight tell me what u do ! So sad they are almost 1 year old :( 1y
  •   roaranaax3 *of 1y
  •   ogdarrr_ this picture . 1y
  •   gianna_cassara Wow your beautiful I wish my mom dressed like u! Your so pretty 1y
  •   andreaasenjo12 YOU ARE THE BEST , I LOVE U SO MUCH 1y
  •   hey_sexyy She has lots of money to get a nutritionist, personal trainer, or whatever else she would need to lose weight... You can do it too though! Just eat clean and bust your butt in your gym or even at home.. try Insanity workout videos!! They're amazinggggg! Keep your head up and stay confident! You can do it :) #fitfam @roaranaax3 1y
  •   being_jolie The perf couple @snookinic 1y
  •   _scaarr NiCOlE i absolutely love you. You are an inspiration to me. Your body looks great and your baby is adorbbs!!! Plus my 6 yr old sister is obsessed with you.. Lmao but i hope you see this and know that this is your biggest fan. Love you snooks #NoMoreAMeatball @snookinic 1y

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