•   rockin2it @princessjess508 mine too! 3y
  •   itsmetiffanyb @princessjess508 I have to say that I've been OBSESSED with your trip reports since I stumbled upon them yesterday! I even stayed up until 3 am last night reading them! You seem like such a wonderful young lady. Thank you for sharing your magical life with us! PS, I was at WDW with my family the first week of February. I'm SO bummed I didn't know who you were back then; I would have gone on a Jess hunt! 3y
  •   princessjess508 @tiffany41108 aww thank you! You're so sweet 3y
  •   norakath_ryn Are these trip reports on some website like the DisBoards? 3y
  •   princessjess508 @nora_fedora they are on disboards! My username is Disneyfreak508 3y
  •   norakath_ryn Thank you, will check them out soon :) Keep up the great work, I love your instagram pics :) 3y
  •   mrsy777 My favourite sign anywhere, ever! :) 3y

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