freshlypicked This is my baby, Gus enjoying the sunshine today. He laid there for a good 5 minutes. I'm so excited for spring. 2y
  •   gygik Yay!!! Today is supposed to be nice again!!! Party!!! 2y
  •   randiliz My son's name is Gus too! 2y
  •   kellyejensen So good! 2y
  •   hellosarahfalls Send some sun to MD. It is frigid here. 2y
  •   sarbeck Soakin' it up!! 2y
  •   jennipatillo Soooo cute! I could go for a nap in the sun right about now :) 2y
  •   dandeedesigns Love that boy 2y
  •   senasmom Makes us realize that the best things in life are free!... 2y

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