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Instagram means two things to me: inspiring photography and inspiring people. I've been using this app since the first day it launched back in October 2010 and have been continually amazed at the creativity that fills my feed every day since then. This creativity inspires and pushes me to become a better photographer and I am eternally grateful for that. I know that no matter what, if I open up the app at any time of day or night, I'll see something beautiful from those I follow that will make me want to get out, shoot, and try new things: whether it's @moneal's #journeystothedarkside or one of @thiswildidea's seemingly endless variety of poses of his incredible dog Maddie. There's nothing else quite like Instagram for sharing this type of creativity.

But perhaps more importantly than that, Instagram has been an avenue for me to connect with these great photographers both virtually and in real life. Being able to meet people like @cubbygraham (pictured in this photo) means everything to me because it means I get to meet the people behind the images and forge valuable friendships with them. Not only that, but getting to hang and shoot with these folks is like taking a mini-master class in photography, including all of the conceptual and technical elements that are behind their imagery. When I go out to shoot with other photographers, you can bet I'm soaking up everything they say and do with regards to their photography, form the way they hold their cameras to the angles they shoot from.

That's what #InstagramMeansToMe.

If you've gotten this far, congrats for reading my longest caption ever, and big congrats to @instagram for reaching 100 million.

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