ranoadidas Traffic lights? Your thoughts #brunei 2y
  •   haji_padi hope those lights break in a day or two. very 'clever' plan.. what are they thinking?? 2y
  •   angelshameless I am ready for the confusion. 2y
  •   andysanity They shouldn't have it!! Please!! Out traffic is bad enough! 2y
  •   zahira_habza OMG!! It will cause a more massive traffic. I hate it when you want to go to the left lane from the right lane ( becos dats how u do it when changing lanes) but the cars are still lining up at a red light. It is endangering other drivers. @ranoadidas 2y
  •   zahira_habza On the contrary the lights regulate the traffic to help prevent roadrage because it controls the traffic for u instead of using ur own initiative to get it right which can conflict with the way others would do it. Ganas kali ah driver Brunei ani. Silap sikit kena bubut, bagi tangan, teriak etc. @ranoadidas 2y
  •   aiman_vi11 True @zarashab 2y
  •   mfm__ @zarashab disrespectful and ignorant. 2y
  •   seewhysee Fixing things which doesn't need to be fix. Why not just build MRT's 2y

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