kandiburruss Hey ladies in the Macon area! We changed locations for the party friday! its now at Club Asylum with me @rasheedadabosschick @toyawright @funkydineva @thereal_nikkinicole08 @thedjaone. Get your tickets www.KandiOnline.com RT! 3y
  •   yanawithag Come to AZ. Please 3y
  •   viixixcii__ @wicked1da she never said she was going gospel she said she wanted to do a gospel song. You are currently proving what she said correct so damn judgmental damn get your life NOW 3y
  •   _omggeee There is nothing wrong with seeking sex toys!! Y'all sound so dumb... Marriages might stay together with some new stuff in the bedroom smh!! 3y
  •   ladyj1524 Come to miami 3y
  •   monique_nikki29 To bad I live in Rockingham 3y
  •   cocoapeach @savar05 I feel the same and the radio is still playing the commercial that she says its in Warner Robins! The galleria would have been classier. 3y
  •   mjofhair I will b there. I just think any1 who is throwing salt shouldnt comment or even go....it will probably b fun anyway. Cause they could simply not bring anything to that area. Its not like its down here in ATLANTA where it stays poppin. 3y
  •   sugarcookiebby I tried to get a ticket I did I but it sold out so fast @kandiburruss 3y

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