cupcakescutlery The @tattly temp tattoos are the cutest. Come get one at our event today! 2y
  •   danaerolynhorst Argh! I was so looking forward to coming but I'm running behind on photo shoots that have to wrap up today! If there are any of those arrow tattly's left over and you send it to me I'd love you forever! ;) Have fun! Hope it's a great time! 2y
  •   cupcakescutlery @gatherandhunt Consider it done! 2y
  •   danaerolynhorst Aww- you are too too kind! 2y
  •   carrierowe So wish I was there!! I think it hurts more since it's my old stomping grounds. I'm sure it's going to be an epic event! 2y
  •   livefreemiranda I'm obsessed with @tattly. Luckily I've got a subscription so I don't have to feel bad about living across the country from your awesome event;) 2y

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