justinbieber Watch me on snl tomorrow night thank u Lauren ur the man 2y
  •   gavin_121603 Yo justin 3mon
  •   m_laurenn19 Ahhhh he said my name he actually typed the word Lauren on his actual phone he has completed my life.... 3mon
  •   wongyuenhuei U are my life 2mon
  •   _miss_y_swiftie Justin your face is really look like my cousin!! And because of that all of our girls in my class , says we love your cousin, because he is look like Justin Bieber !! Lol!! 2mon
  •   justinbiebertracker He has the biggest boner!!! 1mon
  •   ali_cat923 Omg @justinbieber I think I saw that episode it was hilarious I literally could not stop laughing I took like so many pictures of you on TV my heart was just like melting well if I ever meet I bet IG would be glice to meet you lmao lol haha !!!! 1mon
  •   iranzu14 Justin, I need you, i need to know the truth about 'the key' , did you see it? I need to know... Now. 3w
  •   ohsther Justinnnn :( 2w

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