luckymagazine A strip of fake lashes fancy it all up 2y
  •   kmetsmaa Those brows are horrendous!! 2y
  •   bbdu These negative Nancies need to Appreciate natural beauty 2y
  •   amanitta The browsss <3!! 2y
  •   pschneider I agree those brows are awful! 2y
  •   s_luvz2dance True. & your too funny! @youngwildfrugal 2y
  •   sweetpeabakes @youngwildfrugal True. Natural brows still need maintenance! 2y
  •   aliciaramos22 Natural brows need a little taming & love too. This is a bit out of control. :-/ 2y
  •   jacqik A bit out of control is a major understatement! The girl needs some wax this is beyond the tweezers 2y

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