girlsgonechild rest stop 3y
  •   amyrickert Where are the blankets from? We're trying to find a good cozy blankie with satin edges for our 9 month old and everything I find is pink or blue! 3y
  •   girlsgonechild @bugsandlittle they were Archer's blankets. No idea where they came from. A shower gift I think? 3y
  •   starphoric Those curls. 3y
  •   keo414 @bugsandlittle You can find blankets like those at Babies R Us - they have cream, brown and purple (online) in addition to pink and blue. Search for "deluxe blanket" on their site. 3y
  •   amyrickert @keo414 thank you so much! 3y
  •   dansbury When I was pregnant I was TERRIFIED it was going to be twins (they run on both sides, my family). Following your life I feel like I missed out! 3y
  •   amydobsondesigns Lovely, as always :) 3y

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