pasqualerotella Thank you LA Times. Great job! 2y
  •   amys_world @pasqualerotella I want you to know that we will always have your back. We love and appreciate you and your effort in bringing us all together. LA times needed a story to print . But no doubt that they're ignorant on so many levels . We will continue to stand up for you and and show our support for @insomniacevents!!! That's a promise that myself and all the headliners can make to you! Please let us know if there is anything else we can do to help! We love INSOMNIAC! All of your events have been so well organized. I've always been safe and protected at all of your shows. @pasqualerotella #insomniacevents #savetherave #unity 2y
  •   xoxo_lush Haha well said!!!! 2y
  •   frankcesena 2y
  •   fairwindsss The only ignorance I see is that from the LA Times. There will always be those trying to cut beautiful things down with ugly words but at the end of the day they're just words, hateful gossip used to entertain sick minds who have not yet awakened to the beauty a life filled with positivity. There are people that feel immense pleasure when speaking with hate and ignorance about others...if only they gave Insomniac events a chance they would feel a pleasure that far surpasses any nasty gossip they could put out into the world... 2y
  •   alan_soul Well...fuck it! Everyone to Wonderland! 2y
  •   denisecatherine @travisi thought of you because of your recent fb posts. 2y
  •   zjk1 Where is this article? I'd like to read it before emailing the reporters.. @pasqualerotella 2y
  •   lanatkachev Ha ha! @ivikka yes it is 2y

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