pmdeleon22 Plans ride with @lexsaldivar don't judge our flight was super early. 3y
  •   jaycosme You look like the girl in the TMZ photo 3y
  •   afia_karim Everyone thinks your selena when your were dropped of by Justin's bodyguard. Wishes it was selena , wanted both them to get back together 3y
  •   danielle_jean_7 U really do look like Selena from behind, I'll admit I got fooled by the pics, all us fans need is an ounce of hope and we go crazy, Wishing both U & Sel the best in life and love, please remember this....LOVE IS EASY, RELATIONSHIPS ARE HARD, relationships require commitment, communication, respect, loyalty, trust, patience, self control, intimacy, space, etc.... But the one and only thing required for Love to survive is.....Forgiveness! God bless :) 3y
  •   mshelly2291 :) amazing 3y
  •   mshelly2291 Love your style and Selena's 3y
  •   sgbeat DOPE AND CUTE 3y
  • @kendall_nybelieberr no she isn't. 3y
  •   ihateschoolllll Haha, that's the outfit you wore when you came to LA the other day and TMZ got a pic of you with Justin's bodyguard and they thought you were Selena and claimed that Selena spent the night with Justin....and the funniest part is that your boyfriend Jay commented on your pic and said you looked like the girl in TMZ pic!! that practical joke made me laugh all day long 3y

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