wholefoodsmarket Tonight we are at the Winter on the Rocks Concert, Red Rocks Colorado that is. #iWoTR 2y
  •   dcinza13 A rock fakie really! A back tail would have worked. 2y
  •   redonage Hahah @dcinza13 HIRE ME!! @wholefoodsmarket 2y
  •   praisedpoem This place is on my bucket list! 2y
  •   ahomechef Gorgeous!! 2y
  •   ameliaandkyle Oh man - I miss red rocks, having lived in Denver for almost 8 years. My husband grew up a few miles from there! 2y
  •   lechat808 Eek! I die for ramps!!!! 2y
  •   robskate303 @dcinza13 if you would of skated the ramp on the slight hill and tried a back tail it wouldn't of been soo easy.I got a lot of other tricks not shown. 2y
  •   dcinza13 @robskate303 they would choose the trick you least want them to show! Such is life, at least you got to skate a mini ramp out in the snow. 2y

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