juleshough I'm still, I'm still juju from the block! #phillybraids 3y
  •   juicy_jujuu Bhahahaha I am going to make that my bio😮 @rachelsweeney6 2y
  •   raedesdance6 @juicy_jujuu PLEASEEE DOO 2y
  •   jennifermaggio15 Easy rockstar ;) lol 2y
  •   jennamray Thug Life Ya 2y
  •   lizweb25 @asherstad look at Blair in the background and read the comment. #thegirlbehindyouisnotimpressedwithyourbraids 2y
  •   jules_ak_dobrev Hi Julianne! I am a huge fan of yours! I was assigned this school project in history where we have to interview a woman who is at the top of her career as a way of showing how great woman are and as a way to honor them! I being a fellow girl thought it would be great to interview you. Not only because you are highly ranked in your career but also, because you stand up for women and are proud to be one! For example, your work with Kind Campaign!! If you see this please respond so I can ask you some questions and have you be the person I interview for this project! Much love, respect, and appreciation for all that you do!️ Thanks 9mon
  •   kirstenwarholak @katiebednarski you know how to braid! do my hair like this 1mon
  •   katiebednarski @kirstenwarholak I can't French braid 1mon

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