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trinitytraveler Chilean wine has the best value for money. #TNTrtw 2y
  •   andrie_tan Wuih official wine nya Manchester United 😈 2y
  •   trinitytraveler Yoi! :) 2y
  •   gabbylaupa Australian wine is better mbak, both quality and value of money :D 2y
  •   umiwijaya Suka deh ngikutin foto2 traveling mu, seperti membuka gettyimages :) 2y
  •   dia_asri Setuju sama @gabbylaupa :) Dari Barossa Valley Adelaide yg paling yahud.. 11mon
  •   gabbylaupa Haha iyaa mba @dia_asri wkt pertama kali ke oz sampe amazed saking murah dan enaknya wine disana :D 11mon

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