chrisbrownofficial Inspiration 1y
  •   oddlyxhuman @goodnidmdkxk leave him alone 2d
  •   tomitonne The king 2d
  •   bezten @itsjustcody2014 you'r right (Y) 2d
  •   taija_robinson Leave him tf alone like seriously ya 1d
  •   taija_robinson Y'all don't know what he did to rihanna only the two of them know so stfu and get a life 1d
  •   queen.briiianna OMG did u really just say dhat like why he probably post dhat cuz Michael probably inspired him or watever & if u gonna say some like dhat gtf off dah page im not trying to be mean. But dnt say shit like ( Don't you dare post things about mj he would not respect you one bit, go and beat up Rihanna some more seems like that's the only thing you do with your life and and yeah go to jail and rot in hell) like idc if u said dhat stuff to a homeless I dnt like ppl disrespecting others so yeah Chris didnt reply cuz he other stuff to do then to reply baack to yoour bs so. U can leave it alone 23h
  •   aaliyahbabyygirl Y'all take things to another level. All he did was post a photo of Michael Jackson and said "Inspiration" and people would start bringing up the past from when Chris beat Rihanna. Y'all need to chill on that, like seriously. The main ones that are talking are the ones that are going back to the one that's beating on them or the ones that are doing the beating themselves *sips tea* but it ain't my business tho. 7h

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