marktownsend1 Working with my inspiration, the lovely Jennifer Lawrence 2y
  •   50shadesofjlaw Hi I am just a fan page, assuming that you known Jen personally I would just like to know if she does have a Instagram? @marktownsend1 2y
  •   jcyr8 Hey @marktownsend1, this may sound crazy but much like silver linings playbook, I was wondering if I could have you get an email from me to her. I don't need any of her info, as that would probably be an issue of security. Just wanted to forward her my thoughts and feelings about her and her work. Thank you. 2y
  •   marta_jlaw JENNIFER IS MY IDOL. 2y
  •   tiits_magee @marktownsend1 you have an insane job. I'm TOO jealous dude.....She's so awesome. So is her hair :) 2y
  •   billbarr Beautiful job 2y
  •   lexilovesthg I love your glasses! 2y
  •   paxionx YOUR JOB 1y
  •   sydness99 Jealous!! 1y

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