•   queenbeyking it's war but your not going to argue you with me ? your the in uneducated one ! and no not earth worm ... more like a hound dog 😬 and @beybleedblue was right about EVERYTHING SHE SAID ! you just mad because she made your ugly black irrelevant ass look more stupid then you already do ! @hellokpretty 2w
  •   hellokpretty @queenbeyking 1st off im not black you racist pice of shit. Im Mexican. 2nd bitch ain't nobody Mad stupid hoe & would you defending beyonce like she's gonna read you're irrelevant ass comment bitch she don't give to fucks about you nor her fans you obviously see she ain't following none of yaw stupid dumb fans of her back so stop getting mad a me in my friend @nicky_flyer_right because we telling the truth stupid ass bitch im well educated bitch and in bet you wouldn't even defend yo own momma like you doing beyonce bitch go somewhere where you're a fuckin joke irrelevant ass petty bitch ! 2w
  •   hellokpretty And since you wanna be beyonce soo bad bitch why won't you sell your soul to Satan go find you a boyfriend who looks like jayZ in hope to god you're kid comes out looking like blu ivy !! I bet you ain't even finish or graduated from school yet Go to class in stay out my face stupid little child !!! 2w
  •   hellokpretty Bitches be really thinking they going hard tuh bitch Bye ! 2w
  •   queenbeyking yay the peasent is done commenting 2w
  •   hellokpretty You're the peasant so be gone Ghost! 2w
  •   fiercelikebey @nicky_flyer_right get a life!! Leave Beyoncé alone. Wtf 1w
  •   xonesia__ 1w

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