andersongeraldjr smile :) 3y
  •   ughsam Promote what you love instead of bashing what you hate. 3y
  •   heytheresun @megachiq but if you watch their interviews, it was really confusing. Kim said Maja asked permission to her if gerald can court her, then on the buzz, gerald said "he would want to court her if Maja allows it". Like what the hell? Maja asked kim when gerald is not even courting her? They have different stories. I would have believed them, if both parties have said the same thing. I agree that we cant choose who we love or what, but if its really genuine, why cant they just admit the truth instead of withholding facts coz either way, people will judge them. Might as well have dignity and stand for the truth. And omission facts Might as well be a lie. And is it really even love? Coz with what he said, "he would want to court her if she allows it", doesn't really mean love right away. And i think in Kim's position, she agrees with what you said, theres nothing wrong with, but maybe it just hurt her when it was her bff whom she cried to was the one having it with her ex. So, she has the right to get hurt as well as how gerald and maja deserves to be happy. And you're right a lot of things had happened to them and girls to gerald. LOL. Bad humour. Hahaha oh well.. Theres nothing wrong with it anyways unless you doing them at the same time... 😙😙 3y
  •   stephfrost0226 Boys will be boys... Just stop all you people leaving hurtful comments here. Leave the guy alone, its his life,not yours. 3y
  •   stephfrost0226 @andersongeraldjr dude, WTF. LOL, this is what you get when you're a celebrity. but if you're normal, man, no one would even care. LOL 3y
  •   rosiedes85 majakate3 tingnan m nga sarili mas pokpok ka pa ata kay s kay maja ah kapal ng muks 3y
  •   kimsongjae you smile too! lol loveu kuya! 3y
  •   leahgaton Nawalan n xa ng gana sa asap wala na kc sa asap c sasa diba @andersongeraldjr 3y
  •   superbhiel Bf ba ni jalal si @andersongeraldjr ? 2y

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