ciara Rock On!!:)..#TurnUp! 3y
  •   neo13s7 Throw the krown up queen 2y
  •   iluvanna_ @timetochange1399 that is not the rock on sign. It's the devil horns. 2y
  •   lyah_h Not everybody is illuminati im a big conspiracy theorist but I do not belive ciara is in the illuminati .@singing_curls13 2y
  •   iluvanna_ But the hand gesture shows she is worshipping the devil. It's almost everyone in the music industry. @timetochange1399 2y
  •   lyah_h It almost is but who did she sacrifice ? I used to make that sign all the time without knowing it was a devil sign , when I see more proof that she is illuminati i will admit it but ive never accepted a rock sign as illuminati unless I knew that artist was illuminati. @singing_curls13 2y
  •   iluvanna_ It isn't a rock sign! The rock sign is used with ur pinky n ur thumb ask anybody. She can sacrifice anyone n her family n idk who or don't care who. Think about how she came back out of nowhere. Ciara was not out for a whil do her being in the illuminati revived her career. @timetochange1399 2y
  •   lyah_h If she is in the illuminati I really dont care much cause thats her soul everybody on her insta saying illuminati but beyonce is the biggest illuminati puppet I ever saw yet nobody is on her page screaming it , and does it matter you listen to future and you put #illuminati im not defending her I just dont care 2y

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