cookieandkate Me and Jessica Alba (what?!). Thanks, @Honest Company! #altsummit 2y
  •   thehydeparker W H A T ? ! 2y
  •   okiegigi Hellz yeah!! :) 2y
  •   ohsweetbasil So awesome! Glad we got to meet! You're wonderful! 2y
  •   edibleash Whoa!! Awesome! 2y
  •   elizabethannball OMG, whaaat?!! Amazing! 2y
  •   cookieandkate @macharle so upset I didn't know about her love for pugs until after we talked. I'm coming to you for fun facts before my next interview with a famous person (as if). 2y
  •   macharle Alas, I only know pug trivia. 2y
  •   zwinfieldt Ehem, what are those puffy things on Jessica Alba's feet? 1y

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