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patflynn Can you guess what I'm up to? 2y
  •   mdsimages Adjustable standup desk? 2y
  •   patflynn @mdsimages wow you're good! 2y
  •   ibagayan @patflynn I've been looking all over the place for an affordable one. You'll have to show me where you saw how to make one. 2y
  •   patflynn @ibagayan google vert desk, delivered to my door today. Almost done after half hour assembly 2y
  •   okkimonos Can't wait to hear how you like it. Ice been trying to get one at work FOREVER 2y
  •   benboyer Curious to see how you like it , been hearing a lot about them 2y
  •   rahsheen That does sound kinda awesome. Will have to check it out. 2y
  •   tonyruiz Love mine. Once you have the option of standing and sitting, you never go back. 2y

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