•   maaaalves bey, makes acoustic version (chapel) of "Drunk in love" Please I love you Diva @beyonce 10mon
  •   shinebrightlikebutera Jesus loves you 7mon
  •   too_cute_to_be_missswagger She got possesed at the 2012 super bowl that night im not lieing look on youtube 7mon
  •   janea.rreen Porpoise use the words im@a Christian like the hello and good morning. She always be like im@a Christian. Yet. She is running around being possessed and throwing of all over the place and people just don't understand. She is satanic. She was clean before she met jayz the illuminati is the only thing that would have to go back hell. She is going to hell. Hell hell. And it's sad. She would make an amazing gospel singer. But she was blinding by materialistic things. Money. Clothes. Fame. And we will have that all in heaven with the lord. All I know is that weave of yours is going to be dry as hell because theirs no service in hell. Just pits of fire and coal. @beyonce and @jayz 7mon
  •   melaniadesiree If you stop reading this you will die. My name is teresa fidalgo if you dont repost this on 20 pictures i will sleep with you tonight; a girl once ignored me and died 20 days later im real yoy acn google me. 6mon

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