cookieandkate View from seat 18a on the flight into SLC. #latergram #nofilter 3y
  •   queenofquirky I had a similar view in Denver! Wait? You weren't on my flight from kc to Denver that went through to SLC were you?! 3y
  •   cookieandkate @linacaro no, Alt Summit! It's a blog conference. @queenofquirky I flew from KC to Denver at 1:25 yesterday, arrived in SLC around 4:30... Were you on those flights?! 3y
  •   queenofquirky No. This morning. Lol. I was half asleep but I thought surely I would have noticed you! 3y
  •   cookieandkate @queenofquirky ah, too bad. I don't think I would've missed your red hair! 3y

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