jessieware Thank you Los Angeles xxxx 2y
  •   simple_complex It was sorta amazing. It's going to be a great year for you :) 2y
  •   makeup_monstarr Just discovered your music last night.... LVE it!!!! Bummed out I just found you & you were performing in LA last night! Hope you come back real soon! 2y
  •   audrieodd Pls come to #malaysia 2y
  •   madeinsochi Great show thank you - 2y
  •   thuyzzle You dropped the on seeing her live @mykeylikesit 😴 2y
  •   mykeylikesit @thuyzzle I sure did but I got reasons for that!! 2y
  •   rogermars Chills & goosebumps last night. 2y
  •   jvalo </3WHAT IN THE FUCK, I DIDN'T EVEN KNOW</3 2y

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