iiswhoiis eye ball nails! 3y
  •   telepmonsta @tylerisacheater @cata1ie you're both dumb. If it's her religion, how do you explain all of the other THOUSANDS of celebrities who also throw weird signs into their music/videos/pictures ? Pretty sure not all of them are Wiccan lmao 3y
  •   telepmonsta @tylerisacheater how the fuck can you only be half Wiccan? Last time I checked religion was an all or nothing kind of thing. Plus it makes a good cover up to claim to be Wiccan 3y
  •   nataleave @brittjoytelep I never said she was Wiccan or not so why are you tagging me? 3y
  •   angelescence Beautiful :) 3y
  •   amandapottts My moms best friend did ur nails!!!!!! Her name is Cheryl 3y
  •   iridescentparadox First off, you can't be "half wiccan", dumb shit. And the "star thingy", is called a pentagram. We DO NOT use the same signs as the illuminati, I am actually wiccan & a powerful one at that. Please get YOUR facts straight before you try to tell people off. @natalie_suxxxx I wear my pentagrams every day because I Dont give a shit. 3y
  •   hvnnvhvll Illuminati 2y

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