•   tiera_dominique Is 3y
  •   tiera_dominique America!!! The land of the free. The place when where loyal subjects from other countries come to be free and (most importantly) LIVE!!! If you dont like your current situation DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! This is not country that control its citizens. We roam free and for the most part DO WHAT WE WANT TO DO!! If you dont like your president and think he is "ruining the country or your life" MOVE, duh! THATS WHAT FREEDOM IS ABOUT!! we dont want to here ab how much you hate Obama, those are your feelings. We havent the least control of YOUR FEELINGS... ijs for future "hate" comments... 3y
  •   cldirusso Love Al shouting "Mr President". He never disappoints. 3y
  •   cldirusso Score another one for Al. Shook hands with VP Bidon 3y
  •   cathylcox Al was awesome! ! 3y
  •   t_s_graham I love AL ROKER that was awesome.....!!!!! When he dropped the mic and walked away.... To funny!!!!! Loved it.... 3y
  •   lionblaze24 Haha 3y
  •   arle4014 Al you are my hero!!! 3y

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