•   malcimey @jacobeking clues for what 6mon
  •   jacobeking That it was gonna be pre recorded/lip synched. Ppl tried to act like she ALWAYS does it when she always sings live. She let them know before handed with these posts. @malcimey 6mon
  •   jacobeking *hand 6mon
  •   malcimey @jacobeking how could you tell it would be lip synced with this specific picture though 6mon
  •   jacobeking Well I meant this and the other one when she had the headphones on in what seemed to be a studio. I'm guessing this was the sheet music for the musicians to read from when they record. @malcimey 6mon
  •   fifty_shades_of_baeee Yes. I really loved her performance!! 5mon
  •   reggie_lanier LA FWAY 2mon
  •   royalj.halo Bey Don't Lip Sync EVER. Its All Natural @beyonce Work Boo 4w

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