justinbieber Late night @djtayjames 2y
  •   kessybiebs I love you snd hope to see you "one day" justin 9mon
  •   ughjon Happy bd go get don't birthday sex 7mon
  •   vickyvee123 Hey 6mon
  •   __hannah0726_ cfghgg 4mon
  •   __hannah0726_ fdss 4mon
  •   celinehoie Every time I try meeting u in NYC you're never there but when I'm not everyone else who I've met is and they've met u like 16 times and I've only met u like 1 in an m&g a long time ago... It's really unfair, I just wanna tell u I love you️ oooo and some beliebers who I met the other night and I are going singing in Times Square tomorrow ️ we're going to sing your songs4mon
  •   laura.milligan You need to come on IG &noticevme 4mon
  •   ariana_bieberrrr I love you 2w

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