kingcrab15 At the movies watching a haunted house.. We the only people here.. #yungcrab 2y
  •   joespear1 NO 2y
  •   ahlizahbeth Bby, I'm so proud of you. You played real good today! Y'all made it to the superbowl. CONGRATS - do it big, I love you. Always & forever, #ninerfaithful 2y
  •   ____loveraven You did your thing today 2y
  •   emvie05 Mmmm popcorn; proud of you @kingcrab15 ! 1y
  •   poet_cts @shuturmeof you got nothan to say now ha..? Say somethin motherfucker an get that ass handed back to you.. Bitch ass, got somethin wrap those lips around an maybe then you'll live up to your profile name an @shuturmeof .. Sry had to get that out there... 1y
  •   kyle_wats0n Mediocre movie for a mediocre receiver 6mon
  •   so.phiaa ^ shut the fuck up 3mon

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