justinbieber I could go out on a lim and agree with u @djtayjames the sour patch berries are the swagggg 2y
  •   drewmoan Yes yes they are 2mon
  •   rachelscianna There are my favorite candy ever 2mon
  •   ummxhai Warning if you stop Reading this you will die tonight. Hi my name is Hannah and im 12 yrs old im dead Now and i have no friends if you don't post this on 20 pictures you will die at exactly at 11:59 pm. Don't belive me a Guy Annes jack read this and laughed, later that night is took a knife and stabbed him to death do you want. To be like jack? A girl Annes Sandra read this and only posted on 10 pics silly girl, she was only 11 but oh well Now shes in coma, a smart Guy named Phil posted on 20 pics because e was scared 0 pics=dead 10 pics= coma 20 pics= SOMETHING GOOD WILL HAPPEND 2mon
  •   itsjellygreen Can I taste them too. Send some packs at me @justinbieber :)) 2mon
  •   lavanyaparmar8 Yes they really are 1mon
  •   niminazi I hope you will win selena back . I know That is private and that is not my matter but I can't keep my feelings about you and selena I'm so so sry but please don't forget selena and please follow her again 1mon
  •   yolodrewbiebs94 MY FAVORITE 3w

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