mariahcarey looking at Instagram during a commercial break #idol 2y
  •   alishaperez My daughter is the same age as yours and she lays on me just like that .... love it 1y
  •   jaquelinner1 awwwn So Perfect ! <3 12mon
  •   savoo_dejaj11 It's so amazing that you r so famous yet u still make time for your children. So many celebrity mothers treat they're kids like accessories but you truly love them 12mon
  •   gosiaella That's exactly what I do with my 3 year old 11mon
  •   maryt35 Like here, a mother. Its a beautiful thing. 11mon
  •   ibroadcast This is officially my favorite Instagram page. You have the best photos! 11mon
  •   disneydreamernh Thank you for being real. Thank you for showing that even super stars are hands on mamas. I am in a similar position tonight but my two youngest ladies are asleep beside me. :) 10mon
  •   simply_marieh Beautiful 10mon

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