mariahcarey Beauty school hour 01 lol 2y
  •   banel03 Awwww 1y
  •   kimberlyakleckner This is such a great picture not only for you to enjoy but just think someday she can show her daughter this pic... Love it 1y
  •   fjolakaren @mariahcarey PURE LOVE AND JOY SHE'S A BEAUTY LIKE HER MAMMA :) 1y
  •   leslyeknows Im guessing you love butterflies theirs always one in your videos .. But what do they mean to you ? 1y
  •   szilk So precious 1y
  •   char_ak @les1ye butterflies are a sign of liberation and freedom 1y
  •   lucky_13._ So cute 12mon
  •   stephopray Monroe is so precious, hope she reaches those 500 hours 3w

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