frontarmy Here's Beth, signing away. Only 200 of these special covers printed so make sure you get yours quick yo. 3y
  •   http.gracxe I don't use crack but I think you and everyone else on here does you idiots 3y
  •   jigsjigz Everyone but you. @gracie_binette. Dnt hate shes beautiful. 3y
  •   http.gracxe Ya she's beautiful but this isn't what instagram is for this pic is fine but all the others no @jigsjigz 3y
  •   jigsjigz @gracie_binette they are covered, its a form of art like artist used to paint. 3y
  •   jigsjigz @thelocalrapist your hot stop begging for compliments. 3y
  •   __stingrae @jigsjigz I don't see how men don't realise what goes on in women's minds. A lot of girls, especially around my age don't actually think like you think they do; they actually have really low self esteem. When someone says "I wish I looked like them" or "I wish I was as beautiful as her", then maybe they actually mean it. Stop thinking that everyone is begging for compliments, man. Some people just genuinely feel that way. 3y
  •   paulydixon Is this 'Beth' creature on Instagram? @frontarmy I need to double tap her face 3y

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