higheelsuicide Last chance to melt with the #highheelssuicide sucks tank, just a few left! http://www.highheelssuicide.com : @dominiquenghiem 2y
  •   marleyfine Ewww why is she so skinny? That's just gross 2y
  •   basim_ mind the air, it may blow u off, and not meant to be rude, but the thing on ur foot is terribly hideous 2y
  •   marleyfine @miserymissmassacre my life isnt ment to please a worthless person like you and I don't have to argue with you to prove a point so shut you fucking mouth 2y
  •   tillyholmesss @hannahbeesme okay fattie. 2y
  •   mbucey Guys. You do see that she is Asian. Asians tend to be smaller. Yes she is skinny but she looks healthy. She may just be naturally thin. Im naturally thin but im healthy. You can be skinny and healthy ai shut up with the "shes to skinny" comments 2y
  •   sdi206 Thin2win 2y
  •   roulineee Hi @higheelsuicide do you still have this tank in white? I went to the website, there's only a creamy colour :( 2y
  •   hamad_vip لعنبو العصاقيل 2y

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