•   haleesss_ Dem tattoos though@dmoney0414 2mon
  •   lottevandijkk From the beginning you were my rolmodel, you make such great music, once you listen to your music you never want other music. You inspire everyone aspecially me, you help people in poor lands & charities, everyone support you no matter what, everyday i hope that i get a responda from you, or a message back, i hope so that you'll come back to the Netherlands, i really want to go to your concert, you're my idol, my life. I don't no what i will do without you! I love you Chris 2mon
  •   sacocoon 2mon
  •   _jadelouiseeeeee Ooooooooo 2mon
  •   yungdelaja Can I get a like or something, it's my bday 4w
  •   mia.imo U r perfect!! For sure!! 2w

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