higheelsuicide Get the #highheelssuicide uniform! http://www.highheelssuicide.com (beanies available now!) 3y
  •   imalwaysreckless If I wasn't a mom and a small-town business owner, I would rock that shirt till the wheels fell off. A small consequence to pay for having a child at an early age! Haha. But I sincerely adore your stuff and can't wait for new things so I can get me something cute and brag on Instagram! 3y
  •   notorious_bridge @hellomeow696 I feel the same way!!!! I'm a mom to a two year old boy and I'm like shit! I can't wear a lot of the stuff out now! I feel stupid wearing my "go to hell" shirt or my "trust no bitch" shirt! To the grocery store lolol 3y
  •   notorious_bridge Lmao @renee_jaye I don't literally wear them to the grocery store!!! I'll wear em to work since the company i work for sells crazy clothes! Lol I would never wear them in front of my kid even If he is only two! 3y
  •   babysriracha How much do the beanies cost? 3y
  •   higheelsuicide @renee_jaye @karmaloopbridge1 @hellomeow696 three young and stunning moms! 3y
  •   higheelsuicide @ratchetasian visit highheelssuicide.com 3y
  •   myname00067 I don't get the "statement" 😕 3y

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