badgalriri Bitch don't kill my vibe 3y
  •   kri.zia Who wrote this wndrfull letter? today i have found that, this is a bad moment of my life nd these words helped me so much! @badgalriri i love you with all of my heart!thanx for all! 2y
  •   neuro1225 I wrote this. You can google it. I want to thank you Rihanna for sharing this and for your strength and inspiration. There are people who are artists and then there those who are amazing. You honor me (a 100% disabled veteran by sharing my words. For now, you chose them as your words too. And you have humbled me in the most meaningful way, by (this small informal way) connecting me... to you. Bless you, Rihanna. I've actually just had to do this- cut someone very unhealthy out of my life. To me, my words are just words. But seeing you use them, gives my words, my thoughts, my actions and even me... validity. -José N Harris (author of MI VIDA: A Story of Faith, Hope and Love) and a huge Rihanna admirer 2y
  •   neuro1225 Oh, and your are not just an artist or amazing- your are both 2y
  •   bg.thegreat BDKMV @cam_universe 10mon

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