freepeople Floral bun fun at the home office today. #freepeople #hairbun #floral #hairstyle #officestyle #homeoffice 3y
  •   sofiesmash @kirstxxoo redundancy is buying new from corporations that drastically exploit their resources. Buying anything used is called recycling. 3y
  •   kircarlisland @sofiesmash great, you're a hero; is that what you want to hear? You truly must not have anything better to do with your time, you've devoted irrevocable hours of your life to shoving your opinions down others throats on INSTAGRAM. Please don't target me, or do, and I just simply won't respond. I never singled you out, but you're clearly on a mission. 3y
  •   sofiesmash @kirstxxoo what difference does it make that the medium of debate is instagram? My first comment was "I used to love this company but now it feels empty and hollow." When asked why I felt this way, I responded with one single statement elaborating on my expression. Only then was there an onslaught of people glad to dedicate equal time to bashing my opinion when I was only answering a question. My "mission" is what you define to be your analysis of me answering or defending my right to my opinion about the cleverly and ironically labeled brand. I have a right to state what I want, where I want. I can spend downtime with tea sharpening my research and debate skills and that will benefit me. I am on a mission and it is to target my largest consumer weakness (FP), and remove it. That helps. That makes a difference. All I keep hearing is this depressing them on rerun of "you can't change the world," and "this is just how it is. Buy what you want." But there -are- consequences for our actions. Mine included. I should be allowed to share my views and they were attacked with malicious counter remarks. I never said "you should change." I just shared how I felt excited finding my own "vintage loves" and yes, I'm sad about the lack of fair trade in such a "hippie-friendly" brand. 3y
  •   kircarlisland @sofiesmash I said I wasn't going to respond, but in order to spare your feelings, let me elaborate: I was not targeting or singling you out in my initial comment. If you go back and read it, I mentioned no names, no values, nor did I mock or dismiss anyone's beliefs or opinions. If I'm correct, there were many comments back and forth between several people. Personally, I don't fall entirely on either side of this debate, I simply think it was ridiculous to witness some of the up-in-arms responses from multiple contributors and the duration of the conversation. No worries, I never called you out specifically or anyone else for that matter. And I do not intend to become one of the people involved in this ongoing argument and add to the over-the-top amount of comments. Do what you believe in, and what makes you happy; as I said before. 3y
  •   ciggy_tardust Y'all are silly 3y
  •   marygoggin_ Tasha usgsvss 3y

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