libbydibby First 16 squares of 42. I think Mimi is claiming this one, but won't be sad if she doesn't. #scrappytripalong 3y
  •   chickenjulie @mtnmel Good point. Thanks for the reality check. @ladyharvatine Bring some. My second tripong project is unsewn blocks too. We'll match. 3y
  •   sagenovembersews Love this! 3y
  •   ramonarose Hear hear, @mtnmel ! Bring your blocks, ladies! 3y
  •   betteroffthread @ladyharvatine bring your blocks and @ramonarose will sew them together in the 10 minutes before the meeting begins ;) 3y
  •   elizakenan I wish I had time to play along! 3y
  •   ladyharvatine @ramonarose @betteroffthread and @chickenjulie I'm at work now and was planning to go right to the meeting from here! If I have time I'll swing home and get them. By the next meeting the fad will be over! 3y
  •   chickenjulie True that it'll be old news by February, but I'll still bring my completed quilt at the next meeting. We can draw out the fad a bit longer, you and I. 3y
  •   lesbontemps Wish I could make the meeting. My project is stalled until tomorrow. This week, I plan to catch up! 3y

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